Unquestionably our finest homegrown movie since the turn of the century, and arguably one of the greatest Irish movies of all time, Adam & Paul (Ireland/15A/83mins) is getting a special 15th anniversary screening at The Whale on April 17th.

Organised by the Greystones Film Club, this darkly comic film manages to be an intoxicating combination of Midnight Cowboy and Waiting For Godot.

In other words, Adam & Paul performs that incredible balancing act between tragedy and comedy,  between a grand day out and a long day’s journey into night.

Set on the mean streets of Dublin over just one day, we join the eponymous pair of down-and-just-about-out buddies as they go in search of a little tender, loving fix. Running to stand still, along the way, they encounter some wary old friends and some sinister old enemies, the lives they could have led occasionally flashing before their bleary eyes.

In something of a coup, the film’s writer and co-star, Mark O’Halloran, will be attending this special screening on Wednesday, April 17th, at 8pm. The man who also gave us Garage, Prosperity, Viva, Citizen Lane and the upcoming Rialto will take part in a 20-minute post-screening interview.


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