Even in the most charmed of lives, there’s always a need, every now and then, just to escape from the humdrum  everyday.

For some, that means a cycle up the Sugar Loaf, for others, it’s a dip in the cold, cold Irish Sea before even the fish are awake.

For more and more smart Greystonians though, the perfect way to escape around here is to get yourself locked inside one of FourFront Games escape rooms on Hillside Road.

Having hit the ground running in October 2017, FourFront Games have already become a major addition to the town, luring people from all over the county and even Dublin, just so they can then run, run, run away, screaming. Then again, these are the only escape rooms in Wicklow, and, thanks to an immense attention to detail from the four cunning connivers behind FourFront Games – best friends Mary-Kate Hardy, David Bridgeman, Ciara McCoy and Colm Egan – both The Hillside Haunting and The Case That Jack Built are top-of-the-class, back-of-the-net, oven-ready, Grade A escape rooms.

And now the gang of FourFront have teamed up with Greystones Film Club to present a series of Secret Cinema screenings, all under the banner of The Great Escape. Starting on Bank Holiday Monday, March 18th at 8pm with a certain 1994 prison classic (rearrange these words: Redemption, The, Shawshank), the idea is to celebrate those psychological thrillers that twist and turn like, well, a twisty, turny thing, eeking out clues as to who, why, where, when and what the feck.

You can try and figure out each title through a series of online clues from both FourFront Games and the Greystones Film Club, or you can just sign up to the latter – for free – and go book yourself a big-screen treat. Worth noting that your €10 ticket comes with a free large box of freshly-popped popcorn, plus, a €20 voucher off your next group booking at FourFront Games.


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