We just happened to live in it, baby. Yep, the tenor worth a million dollars, Wayne Woodman, is heading to Greystones for a very special Mother’s Day concert, having made that life-changing and career-curving decision to break out beyond the barriers of classical music.

“It was a big decision, definitely,” says Wayne. “I love opera, but the joy of performing other genres – popular, folk, etc – was just too great. In the end, I’ve blended both the classical and the non-classical, and, in truth, one complements the other. 

For his Greystones debut, Wayne will be joined by Rachel Duffy on harp and Tim Doyle on uileann pipes and violin.

“And the rehearsals have been amazing,” continues Wayne. “Just having these different colours to play with, these different soundscapes, makes for such an exciting musical exploration. I can’t wait to share these songs with everyone…”

You’ll get to find out what has tenor Wayne Woodman so excited when he plays The Whale on Sunday, March 31st at 4pm. Bring a tissue. This could get emotional.


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