For acclaimed jazz guitarist Hugh Buckley – playing with Cello Ireland on Saturday 16th – music was pretty much his destiny.

His father played music, his Uncle Dick played music, and his two cousins, Richie and Michael played. Still, being the stubborn kind of fella that Richie is, he fought joining the family business.

“There was always music around the house,” he says. “My dad, Sean, was a part-time musician and played bass in a number of bands. At home he played a range of other instruments – piano, fiddle whistle, mandolin. If someone began to sing, we would all join in, picking out whatever harmony parts worked for us.

“My uncle Richie (known as Dick, and father of Richie and Michael) was also a part-time musician, and played with Louis Stewart, Noel Kelehan and Jim Doherty among others. On Sundays, the extended family would all turn up at my grandparents house and there was always music there.

“From an early age I had a real love for music, but would never have thought it possible to make a living from it. I remember that, long before I began to play an instrument, friends would say ‘You should be in a band’. In hindsight, it was probably the fact that my cousin Richie went out and began playing full time when he was in his teens that gave me some belief that it was possible.

“Lucky for me. It has been and, continues to be, a great trip that I wouldn’t change…”


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