There’s something animalistic, something that goes beyond mere patriotism, when songs about the old country start bellowing out across a room.

Before you know it, you’re channelling Ronnie Drew, with that rumble from deep down in your boots – and your soul – suddenly echoing out across the room, as you all join as one for yet another singsong.

It’s what a band like The Navvies are there for, conjuring up rose-tinted, beer-stained memories of the Ireland of old, the Ireland of our forefathers and, if you’re smart enough to realise it, the Ireland of today. Nostalgia is funny that way – at the time, it may just feel like another day, but, given time, all our years turn into golden years.

The perfect way to end St Patrick’s Day in Greystones, The Navvies will have you celebrating not only the bould Pat, but this great country of ours, this fine town of ours, and, most importantly, the simple pleasure of singing old songs with a room full of mildly tipsy people.


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