Initially, we just couldn’t get our heads around the idea that a 16-year-old from Kilmacanogue had managed to write and was about to direct a World War 2 drama set entirely inside a bunker.

And then we discovered that the 16-year-old in question, one Caoimhe Flynn, had been threading the boards ever since she was just six years old.

And ten years is plenty of time to sort out a lot of the dos from the don’ts when it comes to putting on a show.

And from that very first performance as unlikely dwarf Argh! in the Kilmac Youth Drama Group’s production of Snow White & The Several Dwarves, it was clear that Caoimhe Flynn was a natural. If you can base an entire performance around the word “Argh!”, well, that’s takes talent, determination and a certain animal growl from deep down inside.

So, we shouldn’t have been all that surprised to discover that Soldier, Smoker, Lipstick, Joker is the work of one young woman, as Caoimhe’s plainly got an old head on her 16-year-old  shoulders, given her years of plays, short films and experimental theatre. Last year, she picked up a merit certificate at the Bray One Act Drama Festival, along with an award for Best Youth Actress.

To say we’re excited about witnessing the debut work from this promising young writer and director would be something of an understatement…


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