It was whilst making up bedtime stories for his daughters that David O’Brien first came up with The Queen Who Cancelled Christmas.

His kids loved it, and, being part of the family that made Bray’s Dry Rain Theatre such a phenomenal success, O’Brien quickly saw the potential to turn this Yuletide fairytale into a Christmas show.

“It would be easy to say that The Queen Who Cancelled Christmas is a panto,” he smiles, “but, we’re coming from a different angle. This is a play for kids, for the whole family, and it’s got a lot  more going on than what people would normally associate with the panto.

“We wanted to take it further, have some fun with what you can do with this kind of show, whilst, at the same time, celebrating all the great traditions of Christmas stories.”

It was David’s mum, Lorraine O’Brien, who steered the Dry Rain Theatre for 20 years, making it pretty much Wicklow’s most celebrated little gang of actors, writers, directors and set designers throughout the 1990s.

“Growing up around that, how could you not be inspired?” says her grown-up son today. “It was just magical. And that’s something we want to create here. It’s not about just getting people through the door; it’s about having them float back out, feeling as though they’ve been somewhere new, somewhere exciting. Somewhere where magic is real…”


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