With a musical heritage that helped shape Irish folk music through the 1960s and ’70s, it’s hardly surprising that Eoin O’Faherty is a  restless spirit.

Over the last five years, the kid who called Al O’Donnell grandpa has jumped from collaboration to full-blown band and back again, and still that need for the new drives him forward.

So, it was pretty much inevitable that O’Faherty would eventually go solo. His band, Next To The Attic, were one of the unadulterated delights of last year’s Stepping Stones, but even then, it was clear who had their hands firmly on the steering wheel.

Having recorded the songs for his soon-come debut EP, Human Virtues, in “a small place”, O’Faherty has gone inwards with his lyrics as he travels ever further to the outer regions with his music. And so it is that influences vary from heroes such as Mac DeMarco and Jack Antonoff to the likes of Bowie, Yorke, Aphex Twin and those golden years of Irish folk that his granddad helped spark.

It’s telling too that O’Faherty wants to release his upcoming EP on CD as well as a download, being a firm believer in the tangible, of being able to hold in your hand the physical love letter the artist created to go with their beloved songs.

And you can do just that on Sunday, August 26th, when, at 3pm, Eoin O’Faherty will deliver his songs of darkness and light up close and personal. Catch him while you still can…



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