With Growing Old (Dis)Gracefully, Lua McIlraith proves you’re never too old to be immature

A lifetime of acting, singing, writing, directing and generally doing everything from painting the props to taking the lead, Lua McIlraith certainly knows a thing or two about theatre.

Heck, the woman even started her own theatre groups, not only here in sunny Ireland but in far-flung and exotic locations such as The Philippines, Ethopia and, eh, Dun Laoghaire.

All the fault of Lua’s parents, of course, who were members of the Athlone Musical Society and the Athlone Little Theatre, and first began involving their little girl when she was just 6 years old.

So, we’re talking a thousand plays, a thousand ways, and on quite a few stages around the globe too. So, what better person to have a little fun with that crazy little thing called life, and how it begins to treat you when all you want to do is get your feet up and your teeth out…?

“Growing old is no longer the quiet shuffle away into the corner it once was,” says McIlraith, “and there’s a whole new chapter of your life that, thankfully, is far more active, and interesting, than any other generation before. We’re healthier, and generally happier, and we’re here to have a good time…”

Which is what Growing Old (Dis)Gracefully, Lua’s hit play, sets out to both prove, and provide. Glad to be grey, baby!


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