When it comes to vocal harmonies, it’s pretty darn hard to beat a family affair.

Think of Don & Phil Everly, the Jacksons, those brow-beaten, surfboard-toting Wilson boys in The Beach Boys…

Sharing the same DNA often means that each voice is generally a variation on a theme, and when blended seamlessly together, the resulting sound can be pretty close to heavenly.

Even when the singers themselves are sinners. Such as Don & Phil Everly. And the Jacksons. And those brow-beaten, surfboard-toting Wilsons boys.

There’s such a homely sweetness about the Kelly family when we caught up with them in Ashford this afternoon, it’s hard to imagine they could must even one decent sin between them. With all four kids – Rebecca, Orla, Emily & John – joining their classically-trained choir master pop, Frank, as Classic Harmony, “right from the moment they could hold a note“, there’s a bond here that most musical outfits could only dream of. This is a family that lives and breathes music, each and every day of their lives.

Which may explain all the awards, including the Family Ensemble gong at Dublin’s annual Feis Ceoil three years in a row. And it may explain why a Classic Harmony concert tends to be an almost spiritual affair, as the family soar through classical, celtic, pop and jazz, bringing their own particular brand of vocal magic to them all.

And you can witness the magic for yourself when the Kellys make their Greystones debut on June 16th


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