Like so many musicians, Hazel O’Connor’s own music is made up of many parts – other people’s parts.

The songs, the artists, the albums that shaped the young singer/songwriter still burn brightly today, many years later, as O’Connor’s own voice becomes more and more distinct.

So, who led the Coventry teenager down this wonderful career path? Well, unsurprisingly, David Bowie was one of the biggest influences, every song of the late, great Jones lad “evoking an era of my life,” says O’Connor.

Bowie’s old mucker, Lou Reed, took a hold too, especially his early Velvet Underground years (“The most exciting band ever for me”), whilst on the female front, it was Janis Joplin (“This woman inspired me to kick ass”) and Billie Holiday (“Billie sings with all the pain and emotion and cracks of a real human being”) who floated Hazel’s throat.

Throw in Leonard Cohen (“Songs we sang around campfires”), The Small Faces (“Wrote the greatest pop songs ever”) and Bob Marley (“Favourite driving tunes on tour”), and you’ve got yourself a heady mix.

Is it any wonder that Hazel O’Connor continues to grow, and groove, and surprise…?


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