Growing up, Miriam Lambert never questioned the notion that she would spend her entire life working with puppets.

How could she? Sure, wasn’t dad heading up one of RTE’s most-loved shows, Wanderly Wagon, with his array of fine little friends, Mr Crow, Foxy and Judge – puppets that would become as familiar to Irish kids as Big Bird, Kermit and Oscar The Grouch.

“I grew up in a three-bed semi in Finglas, and puppets and props were very much part of the family home. My father built a workshop at the bottom of the garden, and there he created and stored the puppets. It was all we knew…”

And it’s a lifelong love that shows up on stage, Miriam having gone out on her own in the early 1990s – and she’s never looked back since. Mainly because the puppets are out front.

“I had a few years where I dared think about a different life, but, puppetry is in my blood. And it thrills me, to this day. It’s a tradition as old as time, and yet, right in the moment, there’s nothing more alive, more magical, than getting a bunch of kids to believe in a little character you have just created for them…

“And creating such magic in a place like The Whale is going to be pure joy…”


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