It was Edith Piaf who first recognised that, to be a true star, you had to use your faults, use your defects. Well, the great Alison Spittle is clearly at peace with the fact that she’s very much a John Hinde dream of the hearty country girl. With an emphasis on hearty.

As anyone who follows Alison on social media, has caught her hit RTE sitcom, Nowhere Fast, or just caught the Athlone funny girl will testify.

Actually born in Harrow, London, but raised initially in Westmeath before the family settled in Ballymore, Spittle’s early career was on radio, with Bridget & Eamon’s Bernard O’Shea suggesting she give comedy a try. Getting her first stand-up gig supporting PJ Gallagher, Spittle described it as “the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life” – and so, a new career was born.

Spittle realised early on that truth was often funnier than fiction, and so, from the start, her set included material on her granny, the hot tub, and generally being Alison Spittle in the big, bad world out there.

You can find out just how that world is treating this very funny girl on Thursday, April 19th, when Alison brings her Worrier Princess show to Greystones.


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