As the often-great Woody Allen once said, comedy is tragedy plus time, and for Belfast lad, it would take about ten years, and a stint doing comedy at Cambridge, that made him realise that, hey, that childhood spell of Hydrocole Testis might actually make for a funny one-man show.

And so it was that Michael Patrick’s dark years of having one testicle considerably larger than the other – we’re talking enough fluid to fill a Coke can – became the hit show, My Left Nut.

Of course, being Irish, once Michael got over the shock of his eventual diagnosis, he and his mates began to see the funny side.

“There was a few months between realising it was all safe and my eventual surgery,” says Patrick, “and in those few months we joked about it constantly. The fluid around the testicle cushioned it from harm, so I would pretend to play it like a bongo, things like that.”

You can find out if the man can hold a tune when Michael Patrick brings My Left Nut to The Whale on April 13th.


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