The Second Coming…?

For Remy Naidoo, even when the country’s media were happily putting her face on the cover, and she was popping up in the nation’s living room every week, taking part in The Voice Of Ireland wasn’t quite the dream-come-through most people assumed.

For the acclaimed singer’s dream wasn’t to become a pop star. Remy Naidoo wanted something a litte deeper, something with a little more shelf-life than a flash on the charts.

“I’d grown up listening to Sinatra, and Fleetwood Mac, and so many classic albums,” says the 23-year-old Donnybrook native, “I just knew, deep down, that’s the kind of music I want to perform. It’s all about the soul rather than the immediate commercial appeal…”

Which may explain why, when it comes to today’s music scenes, it’s the likes of Liana La Havas and the late Amy Winehouse that inspires Naidoo the most.

“People complain about pop music being disposable, but, there’s always been great artists working in the mainstream,” finishes Remy. “Sinatra was pop, Winehouse was pop, Fleetwood Mac, Chic… It’s possible to find that balance between songs with universal appeal and yet retain that truth, that pain, that makes it feel so personal.

“They’re the songs that I wanted to pull together for My Funny Valentine at The Whale – songs in the key of life, basically…”


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