When God And Giggles Go Hand-In-Hand

As the late, great Dave Allen demonstrated on his much-loved weekly BBC comedy sketch show back in the 1970s, and Father Ted proved once again 25 years later, the rituals and restrictions of religion can be a rich source of laughter.

For Jean Farrell, growing up in a small midlands town in 1950s Ireland, being told off by Sister Immaculata for making fun in the classroom with Our Lady watching over them. For the young Jean though, dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian were just too strong – even when, as a qualified teacher working alongside Sister Immaculata in that same school.

It was being brought along to see Joan Rivers at Vicar Street as a 50th birthday treat by her daughter that Jean Farrell saw that getting up on stage and making people laugh was very definitely an option.

Mind you, it was only 10 years later, when Jean retired, that she finally worked out a plan as to how to pull together all those one-liners she had secretly written in journals over the decades.

And that’s how The Six Marys was born, the lives of these girls down through the decades being the perfect hook for a thousand and one silly one-liners.

So, brace yourself, for a lifetime of funny, scurrilous and mildly impure thoughts, all delivered by a woman finally living her childhood dream.

Surely, Our Lady would approve of that…?


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