Supper Is Served

When it comes to the fine art of telling a story, the desire to break through the fourth wall – to blur the line between actors and audience – has always been something of a holy grail for artists.

Well, it looks like local lad Kamal Ibrahim might just have cracked it with The Last Supper, a night out at a top restaurant that just happens to also be the setting for a mafia showdown.

So, whilst you’re chomping your way through a delicious three-course meal (supplied by the mighty Bear Paw), all around you, some Scarface crazy is about to go down.

Having come up with the sweet idea, Kamal then passed it over to writer/director Jason Branagan, so he could work his magic.

Given that the mob like to settle most of their differences with a smattering of violence, The Last Supper brings a new meaning to the old phrase, Eat To The Beat.

Just make sure that’s really ketchup before gobble down that roast striploin, by the way…


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