It’s A Kind Of Magic

One of the oldest performing arts, magic, at its best, makes us question reality.

The fact that those who perform magic will always state that it’s purely an illusion, a trick, on a good day, the mind will feel, even just for a second, that there must be a glitch in the matrix. And this fella in the bad tux is the devil.
“There’s definitely a need to make people believe that you are actually breaking the rules of reality,” says Reuben Evans, who’s coming to The Whale on Sunday, December 10th with a show designed specifically for kids. “It’s where the thrill lies, and it’s where the hours and hours and hours of practising that trick suddenly pay off.”

That moment, when magic does indeed seem real, is something that Reuben lives for. A regular face on RTE kids TV, it’s performing magic for the young ‘uns that gives the Greystones performer the biggest thrill.

“When you’re a kid,” he explains, “you can pretty much believe in anything that sounds or looks good. So, Santa – who is real, by the way – is a great example of believing even though you don’t necessarily have the scientific evidence to prove he exists. That sense of wonder, and happy disbelief, is what these shows are all about…”

You can catch Reuben at The Whale on Sunday, 10th December at 4.30pm.


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