What The Hell Is A Buridan’s Ass…?

Well, we’re glad you asked. We think.

Firstly, for beautiful young Greystonians, Buridan’s Ass is an acclaimed two-man play about a troubled Russian taxidermist and his happy-go-stupid assistant – coming to The Whale for a free night of top-of-the-range theatre on Thursday, November 2nd.

In regard to the actual meaning of the phrase that gave this play its title, and its motor, Buridan’s Ass is basically an example of a paradox in philosophy when it comes to the concept of free will.

Pay attention down the back.

The ass in question is exactly centre between a stack of hay and a pail of water, and is locked in a battle between the two. Until it dies. Of starvation. And dehydration.

As to the Buridan part, that would be 14th century philosopher Jean Buridan, who was far from being an ass. Despite his Frenchness. His may not have been an original idea – Aristotle gave it some bottle many moons before – but, the Frenchman got to stick his flag in this particular paradox.

Now, go check out those free tickets for November 2nd. If you’re not too late.


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