Storm Warning: You Will Be Moved

Remind us to ask the great Rebecca Storm if we can take her picture down by the marina. Just so, you know, we can say that we have a photograph of that magnificent Storm down at Greystones harbour.


With everyone from Al Porter to The Hothouse Flowers already on our menu, the internationally-acclaimed singer Rebecca Storm’s visit to The Whale is yet more proof of just how big a draw Greystones has become to the great and the good.

The Yorkshire lass born Elizabeth Hewlett broke onto the scene when she landed the part of Mrs Johnstone in Willy Russell’s brand new musical, Blood Brothers.

The year was 1981, the musical was a worldwide phenomenon, and it made its leading lady a star.

Having become one of the queens of the musical over the last 35 years, Storm still packs ‘em in around the world. So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that her charity headlining concert for Greystones Cancer Support sold out without any publicity.

Greystones has always been a town that likes its word of mouth. It’s how the best news – and the juiciest gossip – travels.



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