Is Father Ted The Greatest Irish Sitcom Of All Time…?

With the Irish famous for their quick wit and rainy disposition, it’s surprising that we don’t actually rule the sitcom world. As any fule who has attempted to do stand-up or write a sitcom will tell you though, being funny on a bar stool is far, far easier than being funny in front of an audience or a camera.

There have been exceptions, of course, from Hall’s Pictorial Weekly to The Savage Eye, from Glenroe to Bridget & Eamon, but, by and large, there have been far more misses than hits when it comes to the Irish sitcom.

Which is why Father Ted is so darn special. Having decided to bypass RTE because they believed they would never go for a wacky comedy about Irish priests in the middle of nowhere, Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews took Father Ted to Channel 4 in London, having already delivered the not-so-spectacular Paris, starring Alexei Sayle.

Years later, the boys would realise that they had basically rewritten Only Fools & Horses’ core trio as priests, only, you know, funnier. And sweeter.

The perfect combination of smarts and dumb, Father Ted is now and shall ever be a sitcom classic. Sure, why else would Maurice Gibb insist upon having all the scripts for the show placed in his coffin…?


Now, go check out our Father Ted Night on Friday, December 8th.


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